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While the innovation lies in the complex exchange and interactions of multi-dimensional layers, the Cor. dashboard serves as a conduit of real-time representation of integrated and connected threat events into a single narrative, seamlessly bridging the backend innovation with intuitive user interaction. 

As a result, organizations can reduce time spent investigating false threats and instead focus on what matters most to them. Organizations can further reduce the need for manual interventions as they seamlessly integrate with hundreds of third-party platforms and data sources. 

Using a unique storyline detection model and predictive modeling allows one to narrate a coherent incident story while building foresight for what will happen next. 


Powered by Automation & Machine Learning, cor. is a fully automated MDR platform engineered to the highest fidelity of analytics and detection: Cybersecurity reimagined.

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cor.x: The Detection Layer

cor.x utilizes a diverse range of checks to enhance detection capabilities. These checks, namely reputation, baseline, similarity, assets/users, impact, cross-technology, contextual, and historical searches, collaborate effectively to leave no aspect unexplored. By aligning incidents with the renowned MITRE ATT&CK framework, cor.x uncovers the intricate network of threat actors and their tactics.

Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, cor.x conducts thorough analysis and correlation of extensive datasets. This enables the discovery of valuable insights through advanced analytics, pattern recognition, and behavioral analysis. By employing these powerful tools, cor. x efficiently penetrates the intricate nature of attack patterns, skillfully unraveling the strategies employed by attackers.

cor.y: The Automation Layer

cor.y functions as an advanced automation and orchestration layer seamlessly integrated with cor.x With the oversight of cor.y the ability to swiftly respond to threats becomes a tangible reality by leveraging the signals detected by cor.x This synergistic integration operates flawlessly, where cor.y promptly interprets the insights provided by cor.x and coordinates automated actions at machine speed.

This seamless coordination empowers security teams to effectively combat threats with exceptional efficiency and agility. By bridging the gap between detection and response, cor.y embodies the true significance of automation, strengthening the cybersecurity landscape with rapid and precise countermeasures.


COR.XYZ: The Interactive Layer. represents the realization of multiple layers seamlessly integrated into a single entity. unified dashboard provides a lens that delves into the complexities of security. By combining the strengths of cor.x cor.y and cor.z enhances the security posture with a myriad of automated actions and advanced correlation.

Within this integrated ecosystem, security teams gain unparalleled visibility, enabling them to confidently navigate the ever-changing threat landscape. serves as a comprehensive security solution, distilling complexity into actionable insights. It fortifies defenses and safeguards against emerging threats with unmatched efficiency.


cor.z: The Convergence Layer

This layer redefines the very fabric of cyber-defense, ushering in a new era where enterprises can navigate their vast digital landscape with confidence and resilience.

A monumental shift challenges the very foundations of how security is currently consumed. 

Instead of flood in a series of disjointed and fragmented events, with cor.z  the past, present, and future converge effortlessly, seamlessly weaving together the intricate threads of all deployed technologies into a singular, unified narrative.

With cor.z enterprises will gain the ability to comprehend, anticipate, and respond to threats at machine speed.

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