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cor. Platform is a stack of four tightly-coupled technology layers that enables the delivery of our Managed Detection & Response Services. 

  • An Integration Layer with a library of more than 1,000+ technologies

  • A Detection Engine that acts as a second layer of detection in tandem with the client's deployed technologies, e.g., SIEM, EDR, XDR, NDR 

  • An Automation & Orchestration Layer

  • And a Reporting and Presentation layer


Powered by Automation & Machine Learning, cor. is a fully automated MDR platform engineered to the highest fidelity of analytics and detection: Cybersecurity reimagined.

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At the foundation of the Platform is the integration layer. It enables Orchestrating and Automating Detection, Correlation,  Investigation, Triage & Response across the client's technology footprint. 


When an incident occurs, you need the capability & speed that enables the immediate Retrieval & Correlation of events  across hundreds of security products.

The integration layer enables the complete visibility of an event across all systems at all times without the need to Switch-tab between screens & consoles; at machine speed. 

Equally, the integration layer enables the Orchestration and Automation of Response. 

An event is Detected, Correlated, and Classified as a threat. A response to contain that risk is now required.
Our platform integration layer enables the complete execution of that Response with Zero-touch; at machine speed.


Your security systems are chatty. As a result, they generate a massive volume of alerts. On average, companies with over 1,000 employees maintain about 70 security products from 35 different vendors, "a recent report by CCS Insight."


Your Legacy MSSP and your team would need to deal with a vast amount of alerts. This alert fatigue is present due to a lack of context. Those security systems work independently and without the foresight of the complete picture.


Cor. platform sieve through ALL Signals, apply additional level of Detection through Automation & Orchestration. 

Through our Integration layer across all systems and the application of Threat Intelligence,  we classify which event is a true incident;


This capability provides the highest fidelity of incidents in the industry. Additionally, it enables the Client Security and Coordinates Incident Response team to focus on what matters!

Double down on what matters.



Our Dashboard is built as a real-time interface to the most advanced platform for Managed Detection & Response.

Follow & Respond to security cases, Interact & Collaborate with our teams,  have a live transparent view into what goes under the engine hood, and equally visualize what events, systems, and people contribute to your most significant exposure.

And much more!



Better demonstrated through a comparison


Legacy MSSP

When an event occurs, a SOC analyst has to go through 10s of systems to perform an enterprise-wide search on that event - probably spend 30-40 minutes on just this one.  

Then the analyst needs to determine whether this alert is an actual incident or a false positive. 

Assuming it is an incident, a triage needs to be drawn for the best course of action to contain that threat. Another 10-15 minutes!

Open a ticket and draft a response to the client to take appropriate action. Job complete finally.



An event occurs, the Platform Performs an enterprise-wide check, Classifies the event, Decides on a course of action, Responds to the event, and Reports to the client — all at machine speed.

Triage and Response Advisory are only needed if automating a response is untenable or requires further investigation.

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