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Cybersecurity is not an IT risk. It is a business risk and must be a CEO top agenda item.

Cyberattacks might well be the current biggest threat to humankind — unlike nuclear weapons, cyberattacks persistently detonate and create material damages all the time.

Those attacks stop hospitals and threaten human lives, freeze transportation, take down electricity grids, hijack businesses and bring entire countries’ critical national infrastructure to a standstill.

Unfortunately, many businesses think that they are stealth on the threat radar – nothing could be further away from reality. While some industries are more desirable targets than others, all is prone to attacks.

The World Economic Forum states Cyberattacks as the highest concern of doing business in the USA and UK. For Germany, it is Data Fraud and Theft. In the same report, WEF places Cyberattacks as the third highest concern for the UAE just behind energy price shock and asset bubble.

Attacks frequencies and sophistications are on the rise, the cost and complexity of effective security defense is prohibitive to most, resources are scarce and governments’ involvement enforcing of cybersecurity and compliance is intensifying.

The enterprise attack surface is widening, driven by the proliferation of digitization and connectiveness of people, devices and processes and consequently placing all those elements at risk of exploits and imminent threats.

It is at the intersection of escalating threats, heightened governments involvement, fragmented and confusing technology landscape, the prohibitive costs of effective cyber defense, scarcity of operative resources and inadequacy of current managed security services that Coordinates security program has been created.

Coordinates security program, cor. is a fulcrum shift that pivots the role of cybersecurity from meagre technical projects and compliance checkbox to a comprehensive construct of cyber defense, integral to the overall strategy and execution of business continuity.


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