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Cybersecurity: Foundation in the New Normal

Cybersecurity is not an Information Technology risk; it is a Business Risk, and it must be the CEO's top agenda item. The CEO's outlook on Cyberthreats should be in the context of their business inability to invoice, failure to ship, and incapability to produce and lose brand value and customer confidence.

Cybersecurity maturity ought to be a Strategic Competitive Advantage: A foundation of trust.

Fueled by the digital revolution, business disruptions and risks will continue to grow in sophistication and volume. Organizations can be at a fundamental disadvantage, lacking the resources, sufficient budgets, and specialized expertise needed to protect businesses and fend off against risks. In a hyper-connected world, no business is stealth on the threat radar.

The enterprise digital agenda urged CIOs & CISOs to evaluate more security technologies to keep up with the proliferation of their technology assets and business processes. Cybersecurity, as a result, became hypercomplex with the propagation of technologies across enterprises. Coordinates democratized defense-grade security services that are intrinsically expensive, complex to deploy + manage, and demanding.

Coordinates is the disruptive Cyberdefense firm that provides defense-grade security services to all sizes of primarily left defenseless enterprises.


ABC™ Adaptive Bespoke Cyberdefense

Coordinates Adaptive Bespoke Cyberdefense ABC™ help enterprises (of all sizes) navigate that complexity through an outcome-based Security-As-A-Service. A program protects customer's existing investments, leverages automation, and is 100 % curated to every client security posture and maturity.


Continuous evaluation and analysis of trends: Coordinates program exists as an outcome of anticipating trends and creating disruption.

Our teams anticipate customer needs, evolve and innovate, build the right capabilities for the future, and are always one step ahead of threat actors.


Our program is bespoke to match the customer-specific industry, business model, modus operandi, technology assets, security posture, and maturity. Our built-for-client approach spans to cover services, use case development, Threat Intelligence, Indicators of Compromise, Playbooks evolutions & response mechanisms, among others.

Coordinates security program spans over three areas; traditionally served through three distinct organizations.

  • Managed Security Services (SOC) - Monitoring, Detection, Response & Remediation.

  • Advisory - Continuous trend and architecture guidance to our clients.

  • Systems Integration. Architecture guidance.


Coordinates technology-agnostic platform enables:

  • Integrating all existing client technology environments irrespective of the make, brand, preference.

  • Complement and augment client assets with technologies to help evolve client security posture.

  • Embrace the power of automation and machine learning to automate investigation, triage, and response.

  • Provide Defense-grade capabilities 24x7x365 out of its global Security Operation Center.

Coordinates security program is build to reduce complexity, protect the client's existing investments in cybersecurity technologies, and provide Security as a service—AN OUTCOME BASED SECURITY.

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