Cyber threats will continue to grow in sophistication and volume. Organizations are at a fundamental disadvantage, lacking the resources and specialized expertise needed to consistently fend off determined attackers. Businesses and institutions of all sizes need deeper insight into their adversaries, more skilled security experts and better threat visibility both inside and outside of their enterprise.

Coordinates Adaptive Bespoke Cyberdefense program addresses the fundamental challenges of a confusing cybersecurity market and where the capabilities to defend against imminent threats are reactive, rooted in legacy, prohibitively expensive, and broad in their deployment - they rarely meet clients’ specific business and technical requirements.

The Coordinates Difference

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Coordinates is a disruptive cybersecurity management and services firm that has been helping clients harness the power of the 4th industrial revolution. Our people and services help our clients securely transform their business models to seize the digital opportunity today.


Headquartered in the UAE since 2013, Coordinates' security operations center in the UAE Monitor, Detect, Analyze, and Respond to cybersecurity incidents 24x7x365.

Building Trusted Partnerships

It starts by delivering outstanding capabilities to our clients. Since its inception in 2015, Coordinates has embarked on a mission to infuse an intentional culture of commitment throughout its ecosystem.

Our cybersecurity experts have helped our clients in the Middle East with their cybersecurity challenges and have shared the knowledge and experience they need to grow their businesses and capabilities.

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