A Comprehensive Security Operations Portfolio to help you address the most challenging cyber threats in your industry.

Enterprises today, regardless of their sizes, continually struggle to defend against online attacks that can strike at any moment. Whether the threats are from viruses, denial-of-service attacks or unauthorized website access, these offenses can wreak tremendous havoc.

Today, Cyber attacks are a reality and a business risk impacting business operations and workforce productivity, damaging infrastructures and creating security breaches that can harm an organization’s reputation.

Such compromises or breaches can also be expensive in terms of operational impact, resources required to remedy the issue and potential loss of business.


Coordinates' successful Managed Security Services program offers sophisticated, up-to-the-minute intelligence and deep insight into the current threat landscape. It also offers a strategic approach to managing the cost and complexity of the security technologies needed for security event and log management, vulnerability scanning, email security and other activities.

Information Event Management

Around-the-clock security monitoring and reporting of activities across the enterprise and for specific users.

Identify and respond to threats, manage compliance and optimize your infrastructure investment.

24x7 Incident Response and Containment

Primarily focused on the detection of potential threats within corporate networks, ranging from hackers and malware to employees who consciously or intentionally seek access to confidential information that is not intended for their eyes.

Endpoint Security Services

Skills and expertise to protect your endpoints from today’s cybersecurity threats

Security Devices Management

Providing near-real-time security monitoring, management and analysis of security devices alerts and logs

Provide preemptive protection from known and emerging security

threats that can help optimize your existing security investments.

Digital Security Services

Providing deep visibility into the most obscure and dangerous layers of the Internet, automatically monitoring and identifying threats and enabling you to take necessary action to limit the damage.

Security Intelligence Analysts

Dedicated resources to analyze your current security posture, review trends in your environment and provide policy tuning and strategic recommendations to strengthen your overall security posture.

Broad Portfolio of Security Services

Highly Skilled
Cybersecurity experts

Curated Threat Intelligence

Sophisticated Backend

Broad Security infrastructure expertise

24x7 Watch Floor

“We help you reduce the cost and complexity of information security while helping you build a stronger security posture.”