A Comprehensive Security Operations Portfolio to help you address the most challenging cyber threats in your industry.

By combining strategic defenses with advanced detection and response capabilities, our MDR program effectively and efficiently defends enterprises against the latest and most advanced threats.
At the center or our framework, are technology and treat intelligence to enable our highly-skilled experts to reduce the time it takes to identify and respond to security breaches.


With Coordinates' Managed Detection and Response (MDR), we're leveraging our capabilities to provide you with a unified view across all aspects of your organization, including Network, Endpoints, and Email. These three advanced cyber security services are tailored to your exact environment.

Managed Endpoint

Continuous monitoring of endpoint threats, proactive threat hunting operations and implementation of powerful defenses at every point along the kill chain.

Managed Email

Highly-skilled talent and powerful technology come together to secure email communications through threat detection, quarantining and threat mitigation.

Managed Network

Deploying and operating detection technology that provides increased visibility into your network’s vulnerabilities, equipping your team with actionable intelligence and the talent to remedy network intrusions and breaches.

Devices isolation from Network

Blacklist Malicious files

Advanced Sandboxing technology

Mapping of all affected machines

Classification Search of Indicators of Compromise

Advanced Threat Intelligence

"Reduce business exposure without the burden of managing technology or hiring additional staff."